Rare species

Did you know that Oryx have lethal horns that are known to kill lion?
The horns are narrow horn and straight .They live in seme-desert and steppes where they eat grass,leave buds and are able to store water by raising body temperatures so as to avoid perspiration


Under attack?

While in the national park with Wild Peak Adventures doing game drives,the driver halts and turn off the van, we kept quiet as we noted something  unusual was to happen. After few minutes of eagerly waiting,a giraffe gallop from the opposite side towards our side and seemed to beg for help,only to realize that an attacker was on her toes. it was a drama between lion and giraffe lion trying to make a kill while giraffe was trying so safe her life. Lucky enough the giraffe won the battle and vanished .


The African Elephant

The largest of all land mammals,the African elephant can grow to 3. 4 metres at the shoulder and weigh 6,390kg. Female live in loose knit herds,in which the oldest cow plays matriarch.

Males usually leave the family at around age 12,to drift between herds,roam singly or form bachelor group. Elephants are active 16 to 20 hours a day,eating,drinking,bathing or travelling in search of food.They can eat up to 150kb (330lb) of vegetation in 24 hours

African elephants are able to start reproducing at around 10-12 years of age and are in estrus for about 2-7days.They do not mate at a specific time,however they are likely  to reproducebin time of drought than when water is plentiful.

The gestation period I elephants is 22 month and fertile females usually give birth every 3-6years, so if they live to around 50 years of age,they may produce 7 offspring.

Female are a scarce and mobile resource for the males so there I intense competition to gain access to Stroud female

World’s tallest animal

Today I sported a giraffe on the savanah and i was curios to know more about these fascinating creatures.

Did you know that a giraffe’s heart weighs about 25pounds? It has to be that big so as to pump blood all the way to its brain.

The giraffe is a genus of Africa even-toed ungulate mammal, the world’s tallest living terestrial animal and the largest ruminants.

These beautiful animals roam the open grasslands in small groups of about half a dozen

Kenya inhabits three types :

*the reticulated giraffe(Somali giraffe)

*Rothschild’s giraffe

*the Masai giraffe

At first glance,these subspecies may seem too similar to tell but in reality it’s not difficult. The reticulated giraffe has much whiter lines between the brownish patches on its pelt,and the patches are bordered by very smooth lines.

The Rothschild’s giraffe and Masai giraffebhave much creamer lines in between their patches,and the patches have more jagged edges.

The key to distinguishing these two subspecies is the legs. Masai giraffes legs are decorated with Brown spots all the way down to their feet,but Rothschild appear to be wearing cream-coloured sock.

Preferred Frican Destination

Did you know that Kenya is the most popular African destination?

With untold wealth of destinations, Kenya is one of the Africa’s most distinct and stunning locations. A visit to Kenya means you see pristine wilderness and internationally significant habitat where wildlife roam freely,with Maasai Mara being Kenya’s main attraction.

It is a testament to the country’s many natural attractions that tourist continue to visit